Тематическая группа "Гагаузия" ________________ Grupul Tematic "Găgăuzia"

Отчет за 2012 год

Thematic Working Group on Gagauzia (TWG)

Activity report 1

Implementation team: Mihail Sircheli, Daria Mandziuc

TWG was created within the National Participation Council (NPC) on Oct 22, 12.

Members of the TWG: Youth Centre Peiligrim-Demo from Gagauzia, CREDO, IDIS Viitorul, ADEPT, Centre CONTACT, Expert-Grup, IPP

TWG was officially approved by the NPC during the general meeting of the NPC members on Oct 27, 2012.

During the 1st organizational meeting of the TWG were identified following priorities:

  1. Promoting the linguistic right of the Gagauz minority in IDs
  2. Promoting the linguistic policies in the Republic of Moldova and to increase the knowledge of the state language among Gagauz community if Moldova.
  3. To facilitate creation of the mechanism for implementation the right to legislative initiative of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia.

Meetings of the TWG members. In total there were organized three meeting of the WG (see protocols of the meetings attached).

In frame of the TWG priorities were organized meeting with the following stake holders:

Priority 1: Personal names in IDs

Meeting with the Civil Registry (CR).

Reps of the CR introduced us in legal aspects of the personal names in civil status certificates. Article 5 part 4 of the Law №100 on civil documents “Compilation of civil status acts as well as making including marks in them are made in Moldovan language. Civil documents are compiled in Moldovan language or upon request of the applicant on the in other language according to the Law on functioning of languages on the territory of the Republic of Moldova # 3465-XI from September 1, 1989”. Reps of the CR confirmed that Gagauz names will be included in the civil documents in Gagauz language using diacritic symbols of Gagauz language upon request. Regarding the procedures we were told that person requesting inclusion of his/her name in the civil document in Gagauz language has to present the document (from competent authority) confirming the correct spelling of his/her name in Gagauz language. We were told by reps of the CR that such kind of document can be issued by Terminological Centre (A Terminological Centre dealing with the Gagauz language doesn’t exist. There was created a scientific center of Gagauz language in Gagauz autonomy but the status of this Centre is not clear.) or by Science Academy of Moldova. It means that the issue of Gagauz personal names in IDs has also a scientific aspect. It has to be mentioned that on the national level does exist the National Terminological Center dealing only with the Romanian language and therefore cannot issue the certificates confirming the correct spelling of the Gagauz personal names.

Meeting with the State enterprise “Registru”.

Registru is a state enterprise which is among the others is responsible for administrating the State civil registry and documentation of the population (issuing IDs and passports). During the meeting with the reps of the Registru we were told that issue of the personal names in IDs has technical aspect. Regarding the technical aspect we were told that Civil registry software doesn’t recognize the diacritic symbols of the Gagauz language and therefore technically it’s impossible to have personal names in Gagauz language in IDs.

As a solution to solve the issue of Gagauz personal names in IDs representatives of Registru suggested elaborating an instruction for transliteration of Gagauz personal names into Romanian. According to them instruction for transliteration of Russian names to Romanian language does exist and it is very helpful and used by Registru employees.

Personal names cases in European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

ECHR took several decisions related to personal names in documentation (see summary of cases attached). According to the list of decisions we’ve found there was satisfied only one complaint of Güzel Erdagöz v. Turkey (no 37483/02).

Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova.

We’ve visited the Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova to find a solution for the scientific aspect of the personal names in the IDs. But it’s not clear whether the Academy of Science or an institution within the academy can issue a certificate confirming the correct spelling of Gagauz names. It’s more likely to be the competence of the Regional Terminological Center of the Gagauz Language.

Priority 2: Linguistic policies

Bureau for Interethnic Relations

We’ve visited the Bureau for Interethnic Relations (BIR) where had a meeting with Head if the Bureau Mrs. Beleacova. According to Mrs. Beleacova BIT together with the ANTEM elaborated the National program to ensure the necessary level of studying and application of the official language of the Republic by non-native speakers, including state employees and local elected officials for 2013-2015 (see attached). Program is waiting to be approved by the Government. The budget for the program for 2013 was not allocated by the government. We tried to meet the Chancellery in order to find out more about the this program but didn’t manage so far.

Priority 3: Promoting the right of legislative initiative of the People’s Assembly in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.


Plans for the future:

  • To continue our work on three priorities of the TWG.
  • To add another priority in work of TWG: recognizing the status of the Central Election Commission of Gagauzia on the level of the national legislation in order to create better conditions for the administration of the regional elections in ATU Gagauzia.

January 2, 2013

Mihail Sirkeli

Read the report in PDF →

Working group on Gagauzia_Report 1


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